What's Behind Your Smile?

In this episode, I talk about the realness of your smile.  Many of us smile in photos, smile in school, smile around family and friends, but internally something has you depressed and sad.  

For many years, I smiled through my pain and sadness.  When my brother passed away suddenly almost two years ago.  For the first couple of months after it happened.  I smiled to avoid the questions "How are you?" "Are you ok?".  It's not that I didn't appreciate the concern, but majority of the time I just didn't want to cry.  Every time I have to talk about him I begin to cry. 

So today, I share tips on what you can do to release the sadness and pain that you maybe experiencing.  When sadness has come upon you, the first thing you must do is PRAY.  God will heal you from all things.   I hope you find this episode to be helpful.  If you want to email me how you overcame sadness and pain.  Feel free to email me at info@puregirlsinc.org

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