Pour into her

In this week's episode, I decided to shift my target audience lol.  All of our episodes are geared towards young teens and young adults, but today I need to talk to the parents and guardians.  Today on our Instagram page I wanted to give a shout-out to my daughter, Samaya.  She is the main reason why P.U.R.E. Girls was created and today I just felt the need to share that story with the world. 

Well, today after school Samaya and I had an incident that left me feeling horrible.  I started to question if my parenting tactics are wrong.  Do I not have a good handle on how to raise a good girl?  Am I a horrible a parent?  I guess your wondering what she did....well she lied to me.  I know I know kids lie to there parents all the time, but it was what she said during our conversation that broke my heart.  

Tune in and find out what she said!!  I will tell you this.  I vow to do better!!!


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