Who Can You Trust??

Do you "trust" all the people who are around you?  Have they ever showed a side of them that you never imagined seeing?  With so much jealousy, envy and insecurities throughout the world.  You have to chose the people that you call your "friend" very carefully.

In episode, I will be discussing two incidents that occurred over the summer.  Each incident began with the young girls trusting the people who they called their friends.  One young girl will be scared for life and other's life was taken from this world.  I pray that you find the suggestions mentioned during this episode helpful when determining the type of people you call your "friend".


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Speak Up!

Have you ever remained quiet when you someone asked your opinion on a certain topic?  Do you not raise your hand in class, because you were afraid to speak the wrong answer?  Well, in this episode I talk about my experience in listening to the interview of former First Lady Michelle Obama and Shonda Rhimes during the Pennsylvania Women's Conference.  During the interview Mrs. Obama spoke about using your voice to speak up.  As young girls and women we have earned and are capable of speaking up for ourselves and the issues that place at home and within our careers.  

I was truly moved by her words.  I was so disappointed that I dragged my feet when it came time to purchase my ticket (I won't do that again).   Being present at the conference would have been more than just sitting at the round table with a few of my friends.  That was my opportunity to network and connect with other young positive and empowering women.  

I hope you enjoy this episode.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a link of the interview on YouTube, but once I do.  I will update the show notes with the link.


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Back to School

Are you ready for Back to School??  Are you looking forward to seeing old friends and new teachers?  Well, whether your ready or not the school year is here!  In this episode, I will be talking about you can use back to school as an early New Years resolutions.  Going back to school gives you the opportunity to create new goals for the school year.  It allows you the opportunity to start fresh and make adjustments within yourself.  This could be either mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Each year I try to make back to school very exciting for my daughter.  My goal is to make sure her mind and heart is set on achieving her goals.  I am excited to hear your stories about the first day of school.  

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Happy Back to School!!    

It's for You

Have you ever wonder if your dream or goal is truly for you?  You sometimes doubt yourself, because you may not know where to begin, the dream is out of your comfort zone or you don't have the "plug" needed to get you in the door.  Well, in this episode I will confirm to you how you will know if your dream or goal is truly for you!  Make sure you follow us (@puregirlsinc) and use the hashtag #puremoments.  Enjoy!

My Intentions - Episode 1

I finally did IT!!!!  After months of finding every reason in the book as to why I can't create a podcast has come to an END!  I am excited to share with you "My Intentions" and hopes for creating this podcast.  I pray that God blesses each episode beyond measures.  

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