P.U.R.E. Moments Journal

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P.U.R.E. Moments Journal


 As a child I LOVED when my mom would buy me a new diary, especially the ones with the key and lock.  I wrote in my diary faithfully everyday!  

My organization, P.U.R.E. Girls, was developed to help young girls identify at an early age how Phenomenal, Unique, Remarkable and Exquisite she truly is.  When I started the podcast, P.U.R.E. Moments, I thought this would be a great addition to encourage girls and young women to write their most P.U.R.E. Moments! 

Happy and memorable writing!

Journal details:

  • Size 8.5x11
  • Motivational letter 
  • 50 lined pages 
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 I think I was still in college when I was introduced to the exercises that help promote limitless living. I had no idea I was living inside these imaginary lines and boundaries that had been traced by society, perhaps? Or was it my upbringing? I suppose it was a combination of many things. Either way, I made friends with someone who encouraged me to go literally STAND in all of the places I'd never imagined myself in or believed that I belonged. I walked into five-star hotels and stood in the lobby, eventually making my way over to the bar for a drink. I scheduled appointments to look at office space well before I even owned a business. Little by little I began to erase the imaginary limits that had been placed on my life."  

My 2018 will be WILD and minus some of those limits I had placed on myself.

  • Size 6"x9"
  • Journaling tips + 150 lined sheets
  • Printed with vegetable based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper