P.U.R.E. Love Letters

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROGRAM FOR MY GIRLS!  This program has challenged my daughters to step out of their comfort zone and become more vocal in a room full of peers and to reach for goals that along with hard work in school are obtainable!  
I live in Maryland and I make sure that my girls are at every meeting/every event!  My daughters are ages 11 and 13 and are at a critical developmental stage in their lives and I needed an extra curricular activity that fostered a sisterhood, community building, organization skill building, self awareness and so much more!  Like all preteens and teenagers, they need extra support outside of the home to validate what you are teaching everyday at home.  This program provided my daughters with opportunities that I feel will only make them stronger!" -
Yasmeen T. 

“Joining a new church is always a difficult transition for young girls, however P.U.R.E. offered my daughter, Talia, the opportunity to build relationships with the girls outside of church. P.U.R.E. provides her an outlet to express herself without being judged. It supplies her with God centered activities and life lessons which are uplifting and educational. I am blessed to have my daughter be a part of such a great program.” - 

Proud mom of a P.U.R.E Girl

Sandra P.

"I enjoy being a member of P.U.R.E. Girls, because it makes me want to do more things in life." - Jael, 13

"I like getting up on a Saturday and going somewhere to talk rather than sleeping around the house all day."  - Chanel, 12

"I like making new friends and learn things that I will apply to my life for years to come"  - Aunyae, 12