About Us

The vision of Pure Girls Inc., is to motivate, inspire, empower and guide young girls ages 8 to 18 to understand their value, uncover hidden or unknown talents and discover their passion in life. They will be introduced (virtually due to the current COVID-19 pandemic) to female role models, leaders and mentors. Pure Girls mission is to incite today’s generation to believe in their power to change the world and know that anything they put their mind to, they can accomplish, in other words, “whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill) Spirituality is encouraged and our young women are helped to appreciate that they are each unique, important, beautiful, and brilliant creature’s and possess God given talents that are specific to them alone. The importance of education, hard work, empathy and kindness is emphasized.

Today’s world is full of negative messaging, Pure Girls Inc. is providing a forum designed to counteract those messages. Our monthly meetings target a variety of the above topics and others, such as:

  • how to acquire positive self-esteem and build good character
  • how to succeed and improve grades in school
  • the importance of healthy eating, exercise and good hygiene
  • how to embrace your uniqueness, improve your self-worth and self- love
  • how to forgive and move on without resentment
  • how to uncover and identify special gifts and talents
  • the importance of being balanced and well-rounded in one’s interests, and
  • how to navigate the world as a young woman of color in today’s society

We are certain that being a member, of P.U.R.E. Girls, Inc., from the pivotal ages of 8 to 18, will be a memorable experience our girls will benefit from and treasure all of their lives.