Our Story

P.U.R.E. Girls was established September 13, 2014 in Fieldsboro, NJ.  The founder, Najah Haskins, had a profound passion for wanting to mentor the young girls of her church.  Her experiences as a teenager and young adult motivated her to get an important message across to young girls.  Although she comes from a loving, well-rounded and supportive family, she allowed the thoughts of others to dictate her decisions which in returned caused major consequences.  When she recommitted herself to God in 2010, she then decided that it was time to be a servant for God and mentor the girls of her church.  With years of doubting that she could ever be an effective mentor, she finally stepped out on faith and began to share her experiences with the young girls of her church.  

Her passion for wanting her members to never take the paths she took is a flame that will never die.  She is constantly talking with her members to remind them of the greatness that God has instilled in them.  She wants her members to embrace every aspect of their being.  To love who you are, to be confident in what God has created, to stand firm on your dream even if you’re the only one who believes in it.  To stand up to the challenges of today’s society and to have a made-up mind that their future is bright and promising. 

P.U.R.E. Girls currently serves young girls throughout Burlington County.  We provide motivation and encouragement to help young girls feel confident in their dreams and passions.  Our members develop a bond that is unbreakable!   Every meeting is closed with reminding her that she is Phenomenal, Unique, Remarkable, and Exquisite!