Be you, they’ll adjust.

The year is 2021 is here!  Can you believe it?!  For many people, they were looking forward to January 2021 last January. So many things took place in 2020 and if 2020 didn’t teach you anything, it should have taught you to be you.  In today’s blog post, I talk about the importance of showing up daily as your authentic self.  As you can see time waits for no one.  You owe it to yourself to be you every minute of the day.  Don’t worry hun the world will adjust once you consistently show up as being you. 

What are some ways to show up as yourself everyday?  I am glad you ask, so let’s get into this Sis!  

One of the first things you could do is being comfortable with sharing your opinions/views.  Now their is a right way and wrong way to this approach.  The wrong way is to make the other person feel less of a person, simply because they don’t agree with you.  We don’t knock crowns off another queen’s head, we simply try to adjust it by helping her understand your viewpoint.  The right way is be mindful of who, where and when you are sharing your opinions.  Some conversations are best had with a person one on one vs. with a crowd of friends.  If you are at the lunch table or over a friends house, you simply need to pull the person aside and share your view if you feel strongly about the topic being discussed.

Another way to be you, is truly taking the time to identify who you are.  I know some of us get tied up in what social media is doing and we start to sway towards what others are doing.  But can I give you a little tip, whatever your views/thoughts are about, be sure to do the research and learn as much as you can.  I can almost guarantee, someone will one day debate you on your opinion and if you can’t give good reasoning or logic for your thought.  The person will consider you a fraud.  

Ways to find your identity is noticing activities, conversation, tasks that excite you. For example, I love DIY activities.  It started when I was a little girl.  I got excited anytime my mom would take me to JoAnn Fabrics to buy yarn to make friendship bracelets.   I also have a huge love for acting.  I love being able to recite tons of screens from some of my favorite movies.  Their have been a few moments when my family and friends have asked me to replay a screen from some of our favorite movies.  Being able to make people laugh and smile is about my identity.  Those who are closest to me know that when I am around I have the ability to make them laugh and smile.  That’s why learning who your identity is so important.

It’s important to understand that you were uniquely and wonderfully made by God.  He created you in the most beautiful, honest, delicate way.  He doesn’t want you to be anyone else that He has created.  He wants you to be you.  I know that may seem hard to understand or grasp, but I pray that you will understand one day.  Because when you do, hunniiiii your world, mind, heart will open up and you will begin to walk in your true purpose.  

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Psalms 139:14

Lastly, being you makes your original, makes your pure and it allows you to be free.  When you follow what others are you doing, you dim your light.  Your personal light is filled with purpose and greatness.  If you are granted the opportunity to see a new day that means that God is not done with you.  He has great plans in store for you.  He looks forward to seeing his masterpiece be revealed.  

I encourage you to start living in your truth.  Have the courage to show up as your authentic self daily.  Wear the clothes you want to wear, read the books that you love, listen to your favorite artist, and so on.  Just remember to be you and not worry about the world.  They will adjust!

XOXO, Najah

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