I just want to WINN

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I just want to WINN

Hey guys! I know it has been awhile, but I have a really good episode for you today!! In this episode, I had the chance to to speak with Tina. Tina is an artist, athlete, brand ambassador, model and student. I found her through my daily search on Instagram. I loved everything from her profile to her photos.

In today’s episode, we discuss her recent participation in a BLM protest and taking photos while there. We also talked about her commitment to the game of soccer and what she does when the game doesn’t go her way. Like others influencers, Tina Instagram page was discovered by brands such as Juststrong and Treadbands. She has represented both brands for the past 2 years.

As , we all know it’s not easy to manage school, sports, social life and personal goals, but Tina she has a supportive family that supports her through it all.

To learn more about Tina, visit her @winn4u on Instagram.

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XOXO, Najah

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